League Manager

Champfoot 4.0

Champfoot 4.0: Champfoot, manage and track soccer leagues. Table and statistics leagues. A lot of tables and statistics of a league, a team, a player, ... Differences between tables and statistics from a year to another. Tables history. Import/export of leagues from/to external software ($occer$oft, Footistik, Goléador, League Manager 2.05, Liga Manager `98 Free, SoccerStats, TeamStats). Statistics of different leagues can be viewed in numerous windows at the same time. Save as BMP, GIF, JPEG, HTML (CSS stylesheets), TXT and

Draft Day Sports:Pro Basketball 1.42: Take control of a pro franchise as a GM or Coach
Draft Day Sports:Pro Basketball 1.42

league that you can use as a minor league team for your players or choose to be the team you play as increased capacity for storing historical player stats increased media presence in the game with more news stories increased interaction dynamic with owners, general managers, coaches and players improved AI management: the most realistic trading AI in a sports game gets even better wide array of league sizes and customizable league options to choose

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IntelliTipster 1.6.3: IntelliTipster - advanced team sports prediction and league management software
IntelliTipster 1.6.3

IntelliTipster is an advanced team sports prediction and league management software, capable of delivering amazingly precise match outcome forecasts for football, baseball, ice hockey, soccer, basketball and other sports. Combined with a convenient league tracking environment, web update feature and advanced statistics features, this makes IntelliTipster a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use league management solution.

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League Scheduler 6.0: Get Your League Schedules Out in Minutes Instead of Days!
League Scheduler 6.0

Get Your League Schedules Out in Minutes Instead of Days! Don`t spend endless hours on league scheduling. Save time and use our League Scheduler software to create your round-robin or traveling league schedules. Just enter your locations, teams, game times and start date. League Scheduler automatically creates your schedule based on the parameters you`ve specified. There is no limit on the number of schedules you can create.

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Handicap Manager for Excel 5.0: Golf Handicapping Software for Microsoft Excel
Handicap Manager for Excel 5.0

Handicap Manager for Excel is a custom application written for Microsoft Excel. It meets all the requirements of the USGA Handicap System for the computation of USGA Handicap Indexes. It can also be used to compute scoring averages, statistics, leagues handicaps and custom handicaps based on user-defined parameters. It also includes a separate Course Handicap Calculator for the Palm OS.

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Fantasy Hockey League Simulator 1.5b468: Fantasy Hockey League Simulator strategy game
Fantasy Hockey League Simulator 1.5b468

Simulate your own seasons, using your own teams, independent of reality. Automatic HTML output. Free unlimited GM Editor you may supply to GM`s to create lines then send them as an attachment for FHL to import. User can customize header info for every web page to include graphics, then program automatically creates pages for you. ADMINISTRATION - Create a league from scratch using draft tools or use other people`s league files.

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PlaceforGames: Tactical Soccer v1.00: 3D Soccer strategy game. Coach your team to glory!
PlaceforGames: Tactical Soccer v1.00

Manager game. Tactical Soccer gives you a third choice. Tactical Soccer is an exciting new turn-based simulation of the soccer match. You control all 11 players at the same time. So instead of shouting at your left back to `get forward` you control him and can build up an attack exactly how you want. You are the coach and have real control of the team. Features: Turn-based Strategy Soccer Sim focusing on the match. Single exhibition match knock-out

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